Equal Rights And Empowerment Through Sex Work

The question on people’s minds is, “how does sex work empower women?” Having only about two years of experience working as a Cam Model, I will admit that I continue to make less… Continue reading

Sex Positive Feminism Supports Human Rights

Sex Positive Feminism is a more inclusive form of Feminism in that it not only encourages women to get and give pleasure, but it accommodates men, women, the LGBTQ community, and all people… Continue reading

Sexy Days And Nights

The best thing I do every day is conquer my fears real and imagined by having sex with myself each time I do my job. I, still love what I do and plan… Continue reading

Misconceptions About Online Sex Work

The first thing I gather from people’s reactions to what I do is that they consider it to be harmful to people or somehow offensive in some way. Actually, I practice safe sex,… Continue reading

In Celebration of the Whore

Trust In Polyamorous Relationships

We are inclined to love more than one person at a time, and this means that our boundaries have to be clear. In order to maintain trust in these types of relationships, all… Continue reading

Prerogatives, Power, and A Plea For Enlightenment

Those of us born with certain advantages are said to hold prerogatives. Prerogatives give perspective, access to good schools, and facilitate power. Most of us will never know what it is to run… Continue reading

The Jews Believe We Must Never Allow This To Happen

These are images of Sex Workers, Trans People, and Others who are being interned in camps in Greece. If you think you can stop working to end hatred, think again. Preventing holocausts from… Continue reading

Survivor Skills For New Cammers

READ THE RULES! READ THE RULES! READ THE RULES! The tough thing about camming is that they often do not train you. It is on you to read all the rules set forth… Continue reading

The Naked Truth About Cam

A year and a half in, I have more experience camming than I used to. I was asked the other night by a woman interested in doing cam what it was really like… Continue reading