Vulgarity And Sex Work

Most of us work or have worked in professions that require us to maintain appropriate behavior involving refraining from using curse words, being apolitical, and being polite. It can be easy to deal… Continue reading

Two Years Of Hard Work

I have been doing Cam for about two years, and it is hard work. It is not only physically demanding, but I also have to come up with interesting or funny things to… Continue reading

Polyamory As A Check On Conservatism

Affairs occur among the rich, poor, and famous, and even in relationships between Conservatives. A typical approach is to shame those who indulge in them, even though they are common. Even reading statistics… Continue reading

I Have No Business Doing Sex Work

I am overweight, plain faced, and cut my hair very short. It is a foolish pursuit for someone so average looking. One night, I told a client when he asked if this was… Continue reading

Amnesty International

Just the other day, Amnesty International recognized that adult consensual sex to be considered, “Prostitution” or what most of us call, “Sex Work” does not amount to criminal behavior. Previously, the Human Rights… Continue reading

Hate And Sex Work

I have been writing about sex work for a while, now, and despite the fact that I make informed comments based on real experience, I garner criticism that is lazy and based in… Continue reading


I have heard men called, “pussies,” and it implies that someone is weak or lacks some kind of ability to be assertive. The word has a negative connotation, but I see it from… Continue reading

The Fear Of Female Sexuality

I could echo those who describe vaginas and female body parts as weapons used by men and some women to skewer Feminism, or I could expound on the metaphors and debates they galvanize… Continue reading

Myths About Sex Work

The most common assumption people make about Sex Work is that it causes low self esteem. First of all, people who make these statements, although some are veterans of Sex Work, often have… Continue reading

The Power of Love Not The Love of Power is Inherent in Sex Work

Cam is giving me the opportunity to perform. I do not just have sex with myself. I love the comedy, too that spontaneously flows from the great interactions I have with people. Recently,… Continue reading