How And Why Do We Fuck?

Sex is not always about the act, itself. It is not about in which position you do it or with whom you have it. It is fantasy, sex toys, and it can be… Continue reading

Rape Culture And Fear Mongering Or Paranoia

My gut reaction to such a pejorative phrase is that this term represents no real thing. I liken a hyperbolic term as this to psychological research, which one can often poke holes in,… Continue reading

Anal Shine

The first time I had anal sex, I had no idea what I was doing. We did not use lubrication, and I told him to back out. The next time we did it,… Continue reading

Thanks for Coming out to PROPAGANDA!

Originally posted on Sex Worker Outreach Project – Chicago:
Thanks to everyone, so, so much┬áthat came to celebrate with us at PROPAGANDA this Saturday! It was an inspiring night of affirmation, celebration, and…

What Is A Smart Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This?

First of all, I realize I am not the prettiest girl in the group. I, often assume that I am treated differently than other sex workers because of this, which possibly makes me… Continue reading

Is Sex Work Immature?

No. To determine that all sex workers rock that juvenile vibe is to isolate us from other professionals. The reality is that sex work gets deconstructed by those who either have never done… Continue reading

A Unique Profession

The nature of sex work is so radically different from any other vocation that it is hard for most people who have never done it to understand what it is like. Personally, it… Continue reading

Women’s Rights And Sex Work

There is no solidarity among women with regard to sex work. Women divide themselves into two groups: sex workers and non-sex workers. A more common way to say it is that we still… Continue reading

I Am A Proud Anal Whore

I love sex, and since I can remember, I have enjoyed masturbating, fantasizing about men, mostly, and enjoying even just admiring cocks, the things men do, and the ways in which they communicate… Continue reading

Vulgarity And Sex Work

Vulgarity And Sex Work.