Lily Allen’s Not Fair

Lykke Li’s Get Some

From Swop Chicago – Decriminalize/Legalize Prostitution Before More Women Die

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Friday, October 14, 2011 Contact: Serpent,  (312) 252-3880 CHICAGO – Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-Chicago) were saddened by the recent tragedy in a Chicago hotel which resulted in… Continue reading

Phone Sex for Women

The reason women should do this is because women derive pleasure from listening to various pleasurable sounds.  While men are more visual, women are more aural.  This is why for so long, men… Continue reading

Is Intimacy the Same as Sex from a Woman’s Perspective?

What is intimacy?  Is it different than sex?  Does it include sex?  Does it require sex?  Is it about going to the movies together?  Is it about having good conversations?  Is it about… Continue reading

Orgasmically Liberated

I was reading an article about the various divisions among and between feminists on pornography and found the discussion as to whether it is degrading to women interesting.  On the one hand, you… Continue reading

Center for Sex and Culture

Sex and Culture If you are interested in progressive thinking and the Sex Positive Movement, come to this website.

Wikipedia Information on Censorship

In the German Empire, many media were under Imperial control. Before World War I, civil administrators appointed by the government were charged with ensuring the public decency of printed material within the Empire.… Continue reading

Discrimination, Hate, and the Sex Positive Movement

After hearing that one of my favorite people in the Sex Positive Movement had her site compromised, I started to think about what I wanted to say about how we have traditionally treated… Continue reading

Legalize Prostitution