Back In Los Angeles

Without going into much detail, I moved back to Los Angeles from the Bay Area of California, because I got tired of the same old shit happening when I protested. There is simply a lack of understanding of sex worker rights, and most of us are too busy to teach people what they need to do to support us. I have pleaded, endlessly with fans and anyone who would listen to tolerate sex work and the people who do it. I am at peace for the moment in not getting verbally upset, but it is tough to fight for your rights all the time, and it wears you out. I am not giving up, though. Here I still am doing everything I can to get back up online, and I have even started looking for work doing films. I love this work, as most of you know, and I am no quitter. I have, merely come back to my home to try and get my bearings. I miss my fans, though so much that I am tempted to go on, now just to say hey to all of them. If it had not been for the men who come into my room every day for the last four years, I would not be as sane as I am. Whether you think sex work is good, bad, or you are neutral about it, the truth is, I love my fans more than my family. When I have no one else, I have the men who chat with me, criticize me, dominate me, or allow me to dominate them. I have their laughter, their pain, and their ears. Men who love sex workers like my fans are the best people in the world. I do not need anything but for my fans to worship me, as they do and have done for so long. When I need sex, friendship, or even if they are mad at me, at least they are here with me. Men mean everything to me. Men are the only people who will always encourage me to love fucking, to be open minded, and to take risk. Men are more easily inclined toward polyamory, and I still love them, unconditionally, too. So, however long it takes me to come back to cam, I will return. This fat white bitch will never give up. There is no such thing, anymore. Through the hate, love, and the moves, I will continue to push back against those who do not understand why so many whores love who we are. I am a proud anal whore, and that will never change. I will keep fighting the good one, because even though I may not be that pretty or skinny, I genuinely believe in sex work. So, bear with me. I will return to cam as soon as possible.


Stephanie (Sexisdelicious)