Oakland And Sex Education

I am originally from Los Angeles, was raised by an Ivy League educated woman who worked on Kennedy’s campaign, and I was taught that thinking critically was paramount. I have been disgusted by the extreme conservatism in Oakland (the place in which I live now due to financial constraints) and what follows: ignorance about sex work, sex worker rights, and a genuine literacy on Liberalism. I would not point out that it is important to be educated about which party best fits your voice, but I find the excessive moralizing and religious influence inherent in Blacks and Latinos daily dialogue to skew so conservative, no wonder Democrats are losing. I am a member of the party that best serves my interests, and although I have been down right fed up with both Republicans and Democrats, I have mostly Liberal values. If, though you ally yourself with the Democrats, but you have no clue what that means, then how will Liberalism survive? Why is it that I know what it is to be a Democrat, but most Americans do not? Obviously, I could make the same argument that has been made over and over, and that is conservatives have decimated public education, but still. I am ashamed that there are people who dare to call themselves Democrats, when they clearly think privacy is nothing big, sex education is unnecessary, and figuring out how to get voting rights freedom, Supreme Court Judges who will stand up for their civil rights, and ending the de facto slavery in our nation’s prisons is the responsibility of those with advanced degrees. Maybe I still believe in one man one vote, but I take full responsibility for my own education and I identify as a Democrat at least in name only. I know what that means, if you want to talk pride. I am proud of my efforts, but I am terribly disappointed in others who should be standing with me in support of Liberal values who instead constantly lack a basic education in things that would help them get out of poverty and feel free as citizens of the U.S.