Sex Workers Are Often Without Any Other Employment Option

Sex work is fun, challenging, and tough physical work, but that is not all. There are those of us, who without an ability to excel in any other field, lacking in social skills, but mostly having no proficiency in grasping traditional workplace politics and culture, feel as if this vocation is our only means of making money. Even though most of us do not make much, especially doing online sex work, having sex is straightforward and relatively easy. As a matter of fact, it could be even more lucrative, if it were a viable legal option for people like me. Even though, I have two degrees, I have almost no work experience, I have severe mental illness, and when I tried working in a traditional office milieu, I became overwhelmed, uncomfortable with gossip, and I knew nothing about fundraising, so I isolated at my desk, cried uncontrollably, and just wanted to die. I work from home, now, and so I choose when to work, it supplements my disability income, but I do not have a boss who constantly tells me that I cannot seem to do anything right. I am not alone in having a criminal or disability history, either. The statistics report that over 65 million people have some criminal record. We are permanently aced out of the workplace, and higher paying jobs that require us to be anything but perfect are illusory. So, we turn to sex work or face homelessness. When sex work remains illegal, it not only becomes far more dangerous for all of us, but it prevents us from making enough money to truly enjoy our lives.  This, also of course hurts the economy, in general. If we cannot make enough income, then we cannot buy coffee, go to the movies, or purchase clothing and sundries without sacrificing our principles and going to Walmart.

This is why I have been imploring politicians to make sex work legal.  It makes fiscal sense, and even Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates (#2 at the Justice Department) says that we could be doing other things with the out of control budget spent on housing people in prison and targeting non violent offenders, especially.  We have created an underclass of people who could, easily do in person sex work without much training.  I have, also said many times that it would make it safer for all of us, if it were legal, or decriminalized. The reality is, it makes no sense to treat the world’s oldest profession (informally, I refer to it as dating) with such an irrational approach. We still treat in person sex work as if it is sinful, amoral, and somehow just wrong. Seeing it in this way not only is anti-intellectual. It is an easy way to violate our Human Rights. It also encourages other countries like Greece, China, and places in the Middle East to abuse their people. Having an 1890’s attitude about sex is also denying all the education I have and most people have about how healthy sex is for us. Doctors will tell you that, sex educators will say it, and even people without advanced degrees know that sex is great exercise and fun. I am tired of the United States avoiding an open and honest discussion about why in person adult consensual sex work should be either decriminalized or made legal.

Whores have the same amount of pride as Gay people and every civil rights group who rightfully claim a demand for respect, equal pay, safe working conditions, and the ability to be who we are and thrive. We are no different than blacks, the disabled, and even women who are not whores. Now, is our time to lead the way toward enlightenment, because we are bright, funny, big, young, old, and fabulous. We love work, we love our country, and we want to feel free to support our economy openly and honestly. Face it, we are here to stay, and it is time to treat all sex work like a reasonable choice for people who otherwise might not be able to do other work.