Comparing Sex Workers Is Like Comparing Apples And Oranges

I talk to people a lot about what I do, because I believe that speaking openly about being a sex worker is healthy.  Open communication, in general is good for us.  What I notice, though, and I can be guilty of it, too, is that some of us leap to judgment and try to find connections between oppression, especially women’s oppression and any kind of sex work.  The first mistake anyone makes is when I tell them I do sex work, and they immediately talk about rape or children being sold into prostitution.  Child slavery and adult sex work are as different as films made by Disney and those made by Quentin Tarantino. While they both qualify as moving pictures, they have precious little else in common.  I like to interrupt anyone who does that promptly, because I am anxious to educate, so while I may seem a bit abrasive when I do it, I defend myself, because it is very important to get the facts straight.  I, not only value my education, but I feel obligated to enlighten.  We are all unique, and in this same way, sex workers run the gamut of body types, socio-economics, gender identity, and even marital status. To assume, therefore that we are all oppressed is based in a misunderstanding and probably stems more from fear mongering. My mother dated a rich man from Texas, and he said, “I do not know what is wrong with the rest of the Jews, but I like you.” Lol.  I have to laugh, because he had never met any Jews before her.  In truth, even a lot of people who do porn and some men who watch it, have no idea who sex workers are.  Myths abound, though with regard to this profession, because unless you listen to sex educators who speak, specifically about porn, then how would you know anything about sex work and the myriad facts about it?  Another good example is attorneys.  If you ask a Constitutional Lawyer about a criminal case, (not that he or she is allowed to give free legal advice) he would have no knowledge of what you were talking about.  As a matter of fact all professions are like this. Just because you watch porn, does not mean you know about directing a film or how to act in one.  I digress.

Before I became an online sex worker, I had no idea what the hell it was.  As a matter of fact, pornographic films are probably very different than cam modeling.  I would never assume what it is like to do a film, although, I would like to perform in them. Camming is fast, improvisational, and diverse in the sense that I choose to do anal, mostly, but I offer things that other people may not.  I do a solo show, where others do couple’s shows, and there is no script.  I incorporate comedy and do not use games, like stuff with balloons, and I do very little S&M.  I like talking politics, too, but every show is different based upon the desires of my fans, although I have regulars.  I found out that people who do porn do not make millions, so I charge a low amount for my virtual services.  I said to someone once, that you have to be a porn geek to do this, because much like acting, most of the people who do it are not super stars.  All you have to do is use the same equation with sex work.

It has been said that comparisons are odious, so when people compare me to some kid who was abducted, I have to correct them.  As a woman, I would not compare myself to all women, either.  I, usually turn that into a joke, too when I am on.  I say things like, “oh, yeah.  I hate women.”  You have probably heard other women say the same thing.  Generalizing is best left to the humorists, because their treatment of it has at least the intention of highlighting how absurd it is to compare any of us to another.  While we belong to political groups and share similar traits or careers, we really are that different.  When we speak of, “sheep,” though we are talking about an inability to think for ourselves, and if there is anything human beings have in common, it is that we disagree with each other, constantly.