Do You Like Sex Work Or Not?

I have been looking up laws in various, “sex worker friendly” countries, and I have been noticing that the legal constraints on sex work amount to a moderate amount of tolerance of the profession. Come on, Nevada! What the hell is wrong with being an independent contractor? Ask any sex worker, and she will tell you that she works alone. All the work I do, even just online, I do myself. I do not need anyone to tell me that I need to live in a brothel or rely on someone else’s business sense to fuck someone. Sex acts are simple, easy to learn, easy to practice safely, so enough of this pussy ass bullshit! I am sick and tired of reading about laws that try to suggest confusing things like, you can do sex work, but you cannot pay for it or buy it or whatever. This is ridiculous. All sex work is dating. Plain and simple, the problems with paying to fuck someone are nil. Why are politicians so lazy, and why do they take so much time to get this right? We all know what this is. It is sex for money. There is nothing devious, confusing, or complex about it. When politicians suggest that it is harmful to women, especially, that is like saying, “lay back, honey. You do not need to work so hard. Put your feet up, and behave as if you live in a Disney movie.” I mean, come on. So, exercise (and the best kind is sexual) is bad for you? Bullshit! “Yeah, but are you not tired?” Yes. I am tired from coming, because it is physical work I do. When the hell has the First Lady said to women or men for that matter that they should not worry about their health, and they should treat themselves like invalids? Why would she say that? She would not. Then, why are some women and others so fucking concerned about my health? They are not concerned about my health, because if they were, they would allow me to do in person sex work. Not only would my health be just fine, thank you very much, but as a woman, in particular, I could beat men or match the amount of money a lot of men make, which means we would do away with glass ceilings, inequality, and oppression.

Let me suggest what is really going on. Politicians do not want me to make easy money, honestly. They do not want to allow people with criminal records to do the thing that most of us want: to spend money we make doing simple work. In addition to that, though, and I attack women for this, mostly, as a woman, I would have higher self esteem, more buying power, and I would be a lot happier if I could just do my fucking job. I want to work. I, even have a disability, and I cannot stand working for almost nothing, just because our country cannot tolerate the world’s oldest profession. Whether you like sex or not, that is not the point. Most people like to have at least some sex. If we allowed all sex work to be legal, not only would we be doing the right thing with regard to Human Rights, but we would be rich. All countries would be flush with legal revenues. Guess what I would buy? A house, clothes (and I would refuse to buy sweat shop labor made), I would go out to restaurants, I would visit other countries and learn about other cultures, and I would spend, spend, spend. My mental illness would not disappear, but I would feel a whole lot better.

Enough of the fear mongering and disinformation about sex work. There is nothing wrong with fucking, and if you are feeling threatened, because I am fucking your husband, why not become polyamorous? You have tried to get me to join your God damned church, ok? How come I cannot convert you, then? So, I suggest to all of you God fearing bitches, that you choose to swing, fuck more than just your husbands, and embrace a lust or love of more than just one person. Sound crazy? It is not. We are inclined to like and love and lust after not just one person. Why? We are around each other all the time, and if you tell me that you love only one person, then you are not human, so that is bullshit. So, you mean to tell me that I am doing something bad by finding a whole lot of people fuckable? Why? What the hell are you afraid of? What it seems like to me is that you like the idea of loving people, but you cannot put it into practice. If all of us (and a lot of us already do) just fucked, dated, and talked to whom we wanted, whenever we wanted, I think that would make the world a better place. Your idea of being tied to one person your whole life is not only insane. It is inhuman. Why? When you break down what affairs are, they amount to non-violent, pleasure-filled passionate sexual encounters. Oh, God no! Not that! I mean, God forbid we should spread the love around. I mean, that sounds like torture. Lol.