How And Why Do We Fuck?

Sex is not always about the act, itself. It is not about in which position you do it or with whom you have it. It is fantasy, sex toys, and it can be awkward or romantic. Mostly, though, good sex is about letting go and having a conversation with someone. It does not even have to be with someone you are in love with. All the interactions we have with other people offer us experience. Just being with someone and sharing our experiences with each other give us insight into what we like, hate, and anything and everything. So, sex is not just about the act, itself. It is about listening, laughing, and honesty. It is awkward, scary, sad, and enlightening. It can be rough, ridiculous, or spontaneous. It can mean falling in love or having an affair, but it is always an indulgence that we are entitled to as humans, Americans, or even beasts. It is tension relieving, it can inspire creativity, and it is educational. Whether we are asexual, Gay, or transgender, we all love it, hate it, or are at least fascinated by it.

Fishnets, fantasy, bondage, fucking, Viagra, old, new, married, polyamorous, porn, and masturbation afford us a luxury that lifts us out of the everyday lives we are bound to, but if we examine why we exist, it is to not simply do what we need. We do what we are required in order to then be rewarded with kisses, conversation, and passion. Whether our sex lives are context or subtext, we are eternally interested in our unique ability to connect by, “making the beast with two backs,” “dying in each others’ arms,” or just touching one another. The fact remains that none of us would be here without sex, and as an online whore I enjoy every possible permutation of it, because I have an incredible desire for cock, men, and a need to express myself as much as possible. I love it wild, open, and very very, “out.” I love a good challenge, I think it is funny, and I plan on being a whore, nymphomaniac, and fabulous slut for the rest of my life. I believe that risk assists me in being free and forthright. I have never been so happy. Slut shaming, hate, and torture, notwithstanding, I will never regret the decision I made eight years ago to become a Sex Positive Feminist and proud whore.