Anal Shine

The first time I had anal sex, I had no idea what I was doing. We did not use lubrication, and I told him to back out. The next time we did it, I was relaxed, in a good mood, and even though we did not use lube that time, either, it felt wonderful. I, now have regular anal sex with dildos, sometimes men, and I use lube (mostly water-based.) I know how to breathe correctly, I use rubbers with my dildos, and I vibe my clit with a power vibrator. I have been having anal sex, now for about eight years, and I have noticed that I am far more vocal than I ever have been. I take more risks, have become politically outspoken, and although when I first came out as a whore and sex positive feminist, it was rough, because I felt so empowered, I became angry and verbally so that I hurt a few people, but I am not looking back. I jumped head first into the proverbial pool, and that has caused me some problems, but it is still something I will never regret. I am proud of my new life. I am happy, because I am finally standing up for what I believe in. No longer do I blame others for my lack of courage. I have it, now, and even when I am scared, I keep going. I am not giving up. I have even thought that since the LGBTQ community has pride parades, whores should have them, too. I say, “yes” when I used to say, “no.” That makes all the difference in the world. I am thrilled that I can use my education, talents, and speak my mind. I understand why I should, also now identify myself as, “Queer.” Anal sex is but one piece of being an anal whore. It is passion realized through my expressions of joy in being Queer, in being, “out,” and in being a woman who loves men. It is transformative, cathartic, and mind blowing. I am in the moment, choosing each second to do and say what I want. My new found independence emboldens my true self and heals my past pain. Creativity can be anything I want it to be, and I do it on my own, where I used to hesitate, feel uncertain, and back down. Maybe this sounds a bit schmaltzy, but it is the truth.