What Is A Smart Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This?

First of all, I realize I am not the prettiest girl in the group. I, often assume that I am treated differently than other sex workers because of this, which possibly makes me more aware of the criticisms of online sex and pornography, but the truth is sex workers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and intellectual abilities. That speaks to the array of myths spread not only about sex work, but a lot of professions. For example, many Hollywood actors are quite plain looking. As a matter of fact, handsome people are a rarity. Looks notwithstanding, our sex drives are less about physical features and more about biology, common interests, and speaking style. In addition, men tend to prefer not just one type of woman. Men enjoy a variety of looks and styles. So do women. For example, when I was younger, I liked very nice looking guys, but as I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate other things. I prefer men who are rough around the edges, not extremely handsome, and slightly flawed. Our tastes mature as do our interests in music or culture. The other wonderful thing about sex work is that I love that the men who come on the site discuss things with me, or rather, they appreciate that I have a sense of humor, I know a lot about books, philosophy, and politics, and I enjoy when they listen to me. That quality in men is wonderful. The time I spend not just showing them my naked body or fucking myself is precious. I do not require of them that they love the same things I do or that they invest the same amount of energy in discussing things with me. I love that they listen to me. I like the deal we make that if we talk a bit, then we can go private. The truth is, though, I also worship men.

Another reason I decided to do sex work is because I grew up watching French New Wave films. The whore is a recurring character, and she is juxtaposed with other figures who skew Left of Center and represent either dissent in general, anarchy, or radicalism. Although she remains in the background and contributes little dialogue, she bursts with energy, albeit briefly and lights up the film with living transcendence. She is mysterious, independent, outspoken, and business savvy. Her feminism is bold, swift, and immediate. She is why we hold character actors in such high regard. She also makes the other women in the film seem childlike, as if their ideals are unformed, naive, and undeveloped. She dominates while remaining almost hidden, and this is the nature of sex work. I have said many times that it is a solitary pursuit, and it is why I love it. I like to control my environment, so doing my own show means I am in charge of what I do and say. I am free.

While this may sound different from what motivates any woman to choose her career, I am not in bondage. I am a whore not simply because I like French films, either. As a social worker and activist, I know that sex work should be legal. Sex, in itself is healthy and fun and when it is done for pay, I see nothing wrong with that. There is no reason it should be criminalized. There is nonviolence and passive resistance in sex work, as well. Sex is a way of making peace among the sexes, and while some have said that to capitulate like that spells defeat, I cannot deny not only my biological drives to love sex, but from a human rights perspective, the only problem with sex work is when assaults are made against us, and we cannot report them for fear of losing our incomes. It is incorrect to say that because there are some assaults made on sex workers, therefore, we must throw the baby out with the bathwater. That would indulge those who falsely believe that rape is about sex.

The point is that you do not have to be a dummy to do sex work. There are other bright women who agree with me. The fact is, thanks to the LGBTQ Movement, sex education, and films that show more nudity now than ever, we are beginning to accept pornography, online sex, and in person sex work.