Vulgarity And Sex Work

Most of us work or have worked in professions that require us to maintain appropriate behavior involving refraining from using curse words, being apolitical, and being polite. It can be easy to deal with, or it can feel confining. For some, it requires them to find another outlet, so they can be more outspoken or blunt, and this speaks to our human natures that remain somewhat inharmonious with the nature of civil society. Why is it that we need to cut loose, party, or release tension by doing things outside of work that indulge our, “caveman natures?” I have not done a study on it, so I cannot tell you why, but for most of us, it is something we can relate to. Some people perform as online sex workers and don masks in an effort to acknowledge these tendencies in us. The reason Occupy and Anonymous hide themselves is because, while they are forthright about very real political and societal problems, they know their futures depend upon their concealment of their identities. The truth is, though, unfortunately, our government is aware of each citizen’s involvement, nonetheless. I digress. The risks we take when we exercise our rights to express ourselves freely are connected to how much money we have, whether we think we can make it, and whether we believe so strongly in what we think that, even a possible threat of homelessness does not deter us.

Sex Workers run the gamut in terms of gender, sexual identity, and skill. We, also choose whether to do in person sex work or online sex work. In my case, I prefer to work from home, I only do online sex work, but I also advocate for sex worker rights, and that applies to all sex workers, whether online or in person. I do not just have sex with myself in front of others, though. I talk about politics, relationships, and I use curse words, diatribes, and language that most of us cannot use at traditional workplaces. I use the medium of webcamming to take on censorship, because I do not believe we should stifle our creative minds. Being less inhibited empowers me. There is no proof that using curse words, diatribes, or telling bawdy jokes causes any kind of real harm to our bodies and minds. Traditional work is only one kind of employment, and it is not the right one or correct choice. When considering vocations, we should all remember that we are free to be business people, social workers, bus drivers, actors, or sex workers. It is wonderful that we can choose to do what we want. For me, I feel much more excited by what I do. I would be terribly bored, if I had to do desk work or something that prevented me from really cutting loose. I identify more with the artistic community than with other work environments.