Polyamory As A Check On Conservatism

Affairs occur among the rich, poor, and famous, and even in relationships between Conservatives. A typical approach is to shame those who indulge in them, even though they are common. Even reading statistics on how often they happen will not give you an accurate account of their prevalence, so I assume. Nonetheless, their importance interests me with regard to the law, ethics, and an eye toward the future. How do we embrace an enlightened response? Those who have money often use them to extort from the guilty party a sum to compensate for pain and suffering. I question, though, whether this pain and suffering exists. Even those who do not have a lot of money go through this process, and emotions run high, gossip becomes a motive to use against one in the way Christians believe that living in fear of God encourages people to remain chaste, morally upright, and what we consider to be, “good.” Is this sometime public shaming healthy, though? What do we gain from it? We lose perspective while becoming hyperbolic in our language, emotionally excited, and so distracted by something that can be seen in its most basic form as sex, and sex is not illegal. Therefore, we bolster conservatism, excessively moral and rigid beliefs, and we do as we have done with drugs the very thing we need to beware of: we criminalize human behaviors and substances, and glorify perfectionism. These preoccupations are a waste of time and money. It is an immature response that pits woman against woman, as well. We stratify two groups into, “madonna and whore.” Men and women come in all shapes, sizes, and sexual identities, and to imagine them as having only two labels is ridiculous. We socialize with men and women every day, and if we become attracted to others, that is merely a sign of healthy communication, and to want to fuck people we meet is normal. There is nothing shameful about finding each other interesting, attractive, or fuckable, so to use affairs to get money or notoriety is unethical. Therefore, affairs should not only remain legal, but to become so caught up in them, will leave you vulnerable to siding with a frightening group of people who still believe in the literal interpretations of the bible, an attraction to guns, war, and violence, and antiquated ideas about when, with whom, and how we should have sex, and sex, like drugs is like orgasms. An orgasm, is an orgasm, is an orgasm.

Polyamory is a better way. It encourages open communication, a positive view of sex, and motivates us to concentrate on politics, reading, and other interests. As a sex worker, I feel great about showing many different people my naked body, how I have safe anal sex, and how I cum with my vibrator. It is wonderful from a feminist perspective, a female perspective, and an independent political perspective. Dating is what I have renamed, “prostitution,” because as I have said before, when you see it simply, that is all it is. I do not see it from a moral standpoint. Morals have nothing to do with enjoying sex. Sex is purely about having fun, cumming, and releasing tension. Sex is loving, funny, and varied. Nothing stops us from doing it. It is not hard to do, there are lots of ways to do it, and it makes us feel fabulous. Our lives pass by in an instant, and we need to enjoy them as much as possible. To burden ourselves with whether sex is good for you is irrelevant. Sex education teaches us, already, that when you do it right, it is pleasurable. We are entitled to question our government, laws, and religion, and to force ourselves to hold fast to old beliefs is lazy. Open mindedness is better. It helps us see things from new perspectives that teach us how to think critically, behave in more creative ways, and it also helps us feel freer. Freedom of expression is an American tradition that I can wrap my brain around, because when I exercise it, I live in the moment, have fun with myself and others, and let go of anxieties that seem to be lifted out of my body and out of existence. You just cannot legislate morality, because it has nothing to do with sex.