Amnesty International

Just the other day, Amnesty International recognized that adult consensual sex to be considered, “Prostitution” or what most of us call, “Sex Work” does not amount to criminal behavior. Previously, the Human Rights organization considered all Sex Work oppressive to women, and because of this, some could insinuate that underage sex trafficking and adult sex work had something in common. I am proud to have been one of the many who spoke about the crucial distinctions between sex among consenting adults, underage sex trafficking, and pornography involving adults. I cannot say enough that assaults on people whether by biological family or rapists involving sex acts have nothing to do with healthy consensual sex between and among adults. In addition, the tax revenues we could be producing from what I call, “Dating” could put everyone to work. Adult Sex Work or Prostitution can be done as an Independent Contractor, which means that even if you have a criminal background, albeit not sex related, you can work. The amounts of money you can make from in person Sex Work can be great. This means that you can bring in enough money to pay for food, a home, clothing, and have enough discretionary income to afford other nice things. Of course, it depends on how hard you work, but if you put your mind to it, you will do well. We all struggle with being able to afford a good lifestyle, and making Sex Work legal, would allow me to pay bills that I have trouble paying every single month. I know that I would do well, if I could do in person sex work. I am a healthy consumer not only of high quality food but of clothing, as well. I get frustrated when I have to go to stores that use sweat shop labor. I would prefer to shop at places that do not rely on it. I would prefer to have a better credit rating. I am often angry with the lack of progress we have made with regard to Human Rights in this country, so I am elated that a venerable organization like Amnesty International would come out in support of something we have needed to decriminalize for as long as this country has existed. It still makes me laugh, when I hear some people describe Dating as harmful to women, mostly. Dating and having one night stands amounts to socializing. There is nothing wrong with sex or dating, and placing Sex Work in a distinct criminal category is just ridiculous. The next move Americans need to make is to make Sex Work or Prostitution legal. It is about time Americans applied the same logical arguments, now that Britain, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, and other modern democracies have to legitimize Dating.