Hate And Sex Work

I have been writing about sex work for a while, now, and despite the fact that I make informed comments based on real experience, I garner criticism that is lazy and based in ignorance. I have heard people call me a slut, whore, and ugly or fat, and despite the fact that I know people are allowed to hate me, stalk me, and make jibes at me, it disgusts me that, I spend hours writing about it, and even though, I know that some read what I have to say, I am nonetheless frustrated by American responses to things that are not considered to be traditional vocations. I have seen comedians be heckled by these same types of people, who seem to know that they can stalk someone and do it in an offensive way, instead of truly understanding that we all can make choices to not only tolerate or love ourselves but that we have an obligation, especially as adults to go beyond our own existences to learn about other people and other vocations, even if they diverge radically from our own. I am shocked that people choose, instead to rest on their laurels when they could read, watch films, and do everything necessary to understand that the world is made up of diverse people, professions, and avocations. I have been able to determine that even educated people do this, but if they are worn out from their own jobs, that is a good excuse. I do not think it is a good excuse, if you do not even try. I, also do not believe that I should feel sorry for those who decide to do anything else but educate themselves. If you indulge your hatred of sex workers, then you enable the worst side of humanity – that of intolerance motivated by your refusal to understand the world around you and the people in it. I have varied interests beside sex work, and I have been interested in talking about this, mostly, but I also love other things. I have opinions on politics, women, in general, The French New Wave, and other art forms. I have traveled to many places, including Europe and around the United States and have also been to many museums, including two museums of tolerance, and what I find abhorrent, specifically with regard to sex work is the ignorance surrounding the Holocaust in WWII. Not only were Jews killed during this era, but sex workers and drug addicts were also burned alive. The Jews believe that we should never let this happen, again, but it already has in Greece. The reality is when any country’s economy is in decline, we scapegoat sex workers, Jews, and any other oppressed group. I am being oppressed, now not only because I do not make a lot of money, but because good people do nothing. I have, also been bullied my entire life, but I made myself go to college, I earned two degrees with honors, and yet I continue to endure the rancor of those who lazily scapegoat me for being educated, I assume. God forbid, I should teach, work long hours making little money but doing something I love, but it is to no avail when I hear people persist with their intolerance. It makes me very sad to know that our country is in such decline, because most of us do not know anything about the fundamentals of oppression and its deleterious effects on the world. I am very upset over it, and yet I feel powerless to do anything about it, when I see the same thing happen day after day after day. I will not give up, though, but I have little hope that things will change.