The Fear Of Female Sexuality

I could echo those who describe vaginas and female body parts as weapons used by men and some women to skewer Feminism, or I could expound on the metaphors and debates they galvanize – discussions about female power, assertiveness, and female voices. Whether you are Brittany Spears, Sharon Stone, Helen Mirren, or Stephanie J. Golden all of whom have shown their naked bodies to strangers, we react in passionate ways, and these expressions are not always about love or sex. What if we extend this list, though, to include Virginia Wolf, Ayn Rand, Jane Eyre, and Emily Dickinson? What about Oprah Winfrey? What is it about female artists who embrace an open and honest writing, speaking, acting, or performing style that may offend some in its bluntness that causes such spirited reactions, both positive and negative? It is that we bravely choose to do what we do in the face of criticism. We know that to stay silent is to die. It is to capitulate to conformity or tradition and to stifle our need to create. There are no rules that women are to remain chaste, humble, or even celibate. Nicki Minaj creates scandal by dressing in wild outfits that cause controversy. Iggy Azalea openly raps about being forced into Prostitution. Madonna has made millions by cursing, smacking virginity in the face, and transforming the Madonna/Whore complex into dark humor. Even when Barbara Streisand admitted to being afraid and struggling with fame, she used honesty to show another side of Feminism – angst. The label, “Attention Whore” is a relatively new term I have heard tossed about, and it is yet another attack made by some who feel threatened by Feminists and Feminism. All of this only serves to motivate me to continue to do what I do, because I recognize its intent. These verbal bullets are shot at me so that I fear risk. I am to take on the responsibility of preventing the boat from tipping. I am to alter my views, indulge my shame, and convince myself to be irrelevant. Does that make any sense to anyone else? It makes no sense to me. I have never been told that I should believe one thing, read only certain books, watch only one kind of news program, and I certainly do not think I must write only prosaic or inoffensive things. If the hairs on the back of someone’s neck stand at attention when I fuck myself, say cunt, laugh out loud, or even cry, then good. Censorship has never done anything but build walls, divide people, and encourage slavery, servitude, and impotence. Vibrant, wild, redolent, and varied elucidations serve to open the mind, make us laugh, and even make us hate. Being emotional, sexy, naked, silly, baudy, and slutty, as women are our privileges. Living is about using an active voice that unabashedly shouts to the world, “Carpe diem!”