Myths About Sex Work

The most common assumption people make about Sex Work is that it causes low self esteem. First of all, people who make these statements, although some are veterans of Sex Work, often have never worked in this field. In addition, most of these myths assume that one causes the other. Most women, despite the work they do have low self esteem. That is a product of many years of oppression. Women still make a little over .75 cents to every dollar a man makes. That, in addition to the reality that more men are heads of companies, do not have to deal with glass ceilings, and continue to dominate most professions is further proof that no matter where you work, if you are female, you will be treated badly. Any work environment presents real challenges to your sense of self worth, so if you are a woman, on top of the typical rigors of any workplace, you are also paid less. As far as Sex Work goes, depending on whether you see clients in person or work online, women can make lots of money doing it. Even if you do pornography, though, a woman can make more money than a man. People working in the Porn Industry, though, are assumed to make untold amounts of income. That is disputed by people like Tristan Taormino who does an excellent job of debunking firmly held falsehoods about this work. If you said to me, though, that the only reason I have low self esteem is because the work I do encourages that, I am not convinced. I have worked in many environments that were nasty. I was criticized, endlessly, gossiped about, set up, and given bad reviews, when I knew that I had done nothing wrong. No matter what you do, though, still, you will receive harsh criticism, but all that says is that low self esteem is more a product of inequities in society that remain. There is no proof that Sex Work, itself causes these things. Also, in a traditional workplace, I am not allowed to curse, talk openly about politics, or show my naked body. All these things make me laugh, make others laugh, and being called, “beautiful,” “sexy,” “funny,” and even “perfect,” do not lower my self esteem. They do the exact opposite. I enjoy being able to use my natural and spontaneous voice to really let go and love life. So, these things do the opposite of what people suggest.