The Power of Love Not The Love of Power is Inherent in Sex Work

Cam is giving me the opportunity to perform. I do not just have sex with myself. I love the comedy, too that spontaneously flows from the great interactions I have with people. Recently, during one of my shows, I said, while fucking my ass that there is nothing funny about sex. It was ironic, silly, and it said to my audience that letting go and having a good time in bed is a wonderful way to have a great orgasm. Sex and comedy go together like fine wine and cheese. My favorite thing about comedy is being able to say anything you want and test the boundaries by using words that most people cannot say at work. It helps me with being fearful, ordinarily. A good performer says what she thinks and does not let heckling intimidate her from expressing herself. I feel empowered by my ability to freely show my naked body, even as some become shocked and want to expurgate me. I am starting to realize that women are better off when we challenge standards and norms that force us into the caregiver role. There are so many things women can do that men can do, and to let the status quo make you less sexually free is wrong. The great thing about this work is confronting my own apprehension by opening up and boldly talking about things that I want. I have become more assertive, and that helps me get to know other people, as well. Even though, I do not have a lot of time to socialize, I still date, have fun out where I want, and am getting better at being myself.

The big deal is the anal sex I have with myself. I told someone the other day that having anal sex has made me more open minded, outspoken, and fearless. I am so proud of myself for saying yes to anal sex, because it has changed my whole life. It suggests to me that those who say no to it are experiencing a kind of closed off existence that denies the very nature of women who, mostly support Gay Rights. More women could truly embolden the LGBTQ community if they fucked their asses. See how silly that sounds? That is living. Do not hold back. Try new things in bed. Live life to its fullest, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. I, now see the crucial connection between the, “Fag Hag” and Gay men. What Fag Hags do is support Gay men by thumbing our noses at people who fear monger by calling anal sex, “sodomy.” Even that word can be made powerless, too, through sex work. My words, though some consider them to be vulgar are no gun. My vagina is not a war and should not inspire one. Sex is not violence. Power resides not in hate but in love. You can choose to be powerful through anger, violence, and fear, or you can choose the love that flows from sex and love, instead. We make choices every day, so today, I choose to love, not hate.