Equal Rights And Empowerment Through Sex Work

The question on people’s minds is, “how does sex work empower women?” Having only about two years of experience working as a Cam Model, I will admit that I continue to make less money than most men, so why would we discuss that this work is empowering? For one thing, I am more equal to men in that, I see sex in the way they do. That is, sex is a basic act that involves pleasure and is good for you. Most men have seen sex as a positive thing, because it is. It is healthy to regularly release your fluids and to achieve orgasms. It improves self esteem, can be spontaneous, fun, and sometimes silly. I can also tell you that Cam involves having wonderful conversations with lots of different people, but mostly men. I am told (as I have said before) that I am sexy, beautiful, and intelligent. Men have been socialized through the eons to have sex with as many women as possible. They are encouraged to fuck as many women as they like, and in that way, they maintain a higher status in society, because they are never told they should not get what they want or need. This, along with some biological factors make having sex for men a positive thing. Women, on the other hand, often are discouraged from having sex with more than one person, because we are warned, “you may get pregnant.” In American society, although, we have made strides, women are told that it is still shameful to have more than one partner, to have affairs, and to become a sex worker. Those of us who do sex work, challenge these assumptions. As I say, though, things have changed, but there are some who still feel that what I do is nasty, shameful, and inappropriate. Here is where the comparison comes in between men and women. A lot of women understand that when I say, I am entitled to fuck who I want, when I want, where I want, and to do this is an act of liberation. They see the point, and even if I do not make untold amounts of money doing it, I maintain a certain amount of autonomy by choosing to be with lots of men. I am continuing to challenge the status quo in an effort to say that, even if I am a woman, I can still be polyamorous, slutty, and can do what I want without the authority of some man. I still find the dyad frustrating, because I cannot relate to the notion that I fall in love with one person and then devote my entire life to him and our children. I have chosen over and over again not to give birth, and that is my way of saying, “this is my body, not yours or ours.” So, when those who question why this work is an act of independence and a way to fly my colors, these statements I have made are proof of that. Doing sex work allows me to do what I want even if it flies in the face of convention. Conformity bores me. In addition, I find those who rail against what I do by slut shaming me to be short sighted in their criticisms. As a matter of fact, it seems as if there are more women who are vocal about how they detest me, and in this way, they perpetuate the myth that women should remain subservient to men. That sick attitude is fundamentally wrong and pits woman against woman. We, instead should be finding solidarity, although, as women are, most of us like to fight, and it is often over sex and men. I will, nonetheless, keep doing what I do, because I, genuinely believe that I am supporting women’s rights.