Sex Positive Feminism Supports Human Rights

Sex Positive Feminism is a more inclusive form of Feminism in that it not only encourages women to get and give pleasure, but it accommodates men, women, the LGBTQ community, and all people who love having sex with themselves, with others, and it is tolerant of polyamory. In this way, it enables Human Rights, instead of alienating people. Sex is a wonderful way of experiencing pleasure, and having lots of sex is good for you, and pornography and Cam allow me to immerse myself in this. This kind of release offers something more, though. I imagine a world in which all people can live as they want. Doing Cam inspires me to talk about Human Rights. When you challenge people’s preconceived notions of what is healthy, what works, and what gives all people freedom, you tell the world community that to truly empower people, everywhere, you must insist that all people’s rights are respected. That means all people must be free to do as they want with regard to who we fuck, who we marry, whether we do drugs, and whether we accept money for sex. Sex work is fun, a great way to be creative by encouraging fantasy, and it is cathartic. We used to believe that alternative lifestyles threatened our very way of life, but no one has found that to be a foregone conclusion. There is no proof that being LGBTQ, doing sex work, doing drugs, or being disabled prevents anyone from having a good life. As a matter of fact, having an open mind about all these things is empowering, supports tolerance, and encourages all kinds of freedom, even political freedom. We need to teach more people all over the world that Human Rights are important. The fight is a never ending one, and it needs to be fought, constantly. You have to keep reminding people that criminalizing people for having alternative beliefs is wrong. Some have criticized me for talking about this with regard to hate and hate groups, but I do not hate, I do think, though, that if you hate me, I will try to change your mind, but I do not expect everyone to like me. Just do not kill me over it. I know that the Justice System needs to modernize more with respect to these things, so I speak, directly to them, as well. It sounds as if I am implying that there is hate among that group of people, but others have seen it, too, despite the existence of those within who keep the conversation going. This, notwithstanding, our focus should continue to be on changing the system, so that we end the hatred of disabled people, people of color, drug addicts, sex workers, and LGBTQ people. I am excited about the future, though. I know that we will go further in the way that we have made progress with Marijuana. Marijuana is almost legal, and it will be in my lifetime. Sex work needs to be made legal, everywhere, as well. I have faith that we will reach that goal, soon.