Sexy Days And Nights

The best thing I do every day is conquer my fears real and imagined by having sex with myself each time I do my job. I, still love what I do and plan on doing it for the rest of my life. To truly embrace what you believe in is an experience that frees me from hate and allows me to enable love in myself and others. It is an expression of love and makes me feel better about accepting who I am as I look, now. I love the way I look, and my body is beautiful as a larger woman. It helps my self esteem, as well. I am exercising, cumming, and enjoying the wonderful conversations I have with all of the sexy people who come into my room. I am in the moment, too, so when I cum, I make sure I shout loudly to show how good it feels to just let go. Really good sex involves the whole body, which means using not just my dildo, vibe, and fucking myself. Being free is a whole body experience, and making others cum, too, makes me feel as if I share my joy with other people, too. What is also happening when I do this work, is I know I am saying that to live life means to do what you want, even in the face of criticism, because I am only here for a short while, and I want to experience all that life has to offer. I also date, and so doing online sex work helps me to socialize better when I go out in public. The computer I use to do my job is considered, “Assistive Technology.” I liken my computer to the wheelchair someone uses to get around. Before the Internet, I could only go to a coffee shop or to group therapy to socialize, and I find those things acceptable, but I like this a lot better. I have more fun doing it this way, so I feel it is a kind of compromise, which represents the hybrid model of adaptation. I am honest, too about all of this, so I share my thoughts with the people who come into the room with me. We are having a great time, and I am very proud of myself for being me and sharing my experiences with everyone else.