Misconceptions About Online Sex Work

The first thing I gather from people’s reactions to what I do is that they consider it to be harmful to people or somehow offensive in some way. Actually, I practice safe sex, because I use my sex toys, my own body, (I do a solo show) and I never touch another person’s body during my shows. I, also engage in various fantasies that are equally harmless, but often very exciting. The BDSM I practice stimulates brain activity and produces lots of great images within people’s minds that make masturbation and even sex with one’s partner or multiple partners a lot more thrilling. The way the brain reacts to these interpretations of sex is very healthy for you. It is wonderful to have a sex life filled with variety and spontaneity. I help facilitate that process. So, while people often rail against it, it is actually probably better not only for me but for those who come into my room. Sexual creativity is very good for you, and if you are willing to open your mind up to new sensations, new ways of fucking, and new sexual positions, you can gain a lot more out of your sex life, your relationships, and your intimate relationship with even just yourself. Over the years, sex education has helped many people become familiar with what pleases them. Learning how to please ourselves helps us deal with all the other things in life. When we have troubles, learning to relax makes those events easier to deal with. So, to the detractors, I say, try something you have never before, and you might find that your problems seem less daunting. You may realize that being sexually free enables you to transcend many of your problems more quickly than ever before.