Trust In Polyamorous Relationships

We are inclined to love more than one person at a time, and this means that our boundaries have to be clear. In order to maintain trust in these types of relationships, all parties must be in agreement that exclusivity and monogamy have been set aside for something considered to be a higher form of commitment and devotion. Rigid rules are not necessary, but all persons involved need to be able to exist within society’s context of 9 to 5, daily regimes, and child care by allowing a flexibility that satisfies our ardent desires for a broader minded interpretation of devotion. Passion need not divide well established unions. To embrace what is to be considered a higher form of friendship, admiration, and sexual intimacy with a couple or group fulfills a tendency toward sharing these things in order to create new interpretations of what it is to trust, give comfort, and to acknowledge the honest expressions of often even spontaneous pleasure we gain from being among lots of people. Even someone’s laugh can inspire us to want to touch someone, and that someone may not be your wife or husband. It is why we indulge ourselves in voyeurism through watching porn. If we do this in real life, we are saying that we are capable of challenging the status quo and taking ardor to new levels that lead to more exciting and titillating experiences. The strength we gain from these encounters is evidence that we have become mature in our ability to accept the often immediate feelings we have for others without rejecting them, but instead embracing them and denying the fear that well established structures want us to cling to. These relationships edify us by allowing tolerance of difference. To ensure they are successful, though, everyone needs to achieve parity of conscience. That is to say, fidelity to the poly model must be shared by all. That being said, spontaneity can inspire the process of finding the right connections, as well. One of the greatest kinds of polyamory is brought about by a glance or touch during a moment, even in passing. It need not be so calculated an endeavor. When the relationship moves forward, even more spontaneous interactions can materialize, and therefore, even wilder sexual experiences can transpire and transform the initial formulations of love and lust.