Prerogatives, Power, and A Plea For Enlightenment

Those of us born with certain advantages are said to hold prerogatives. Prerogatives give perspective, access to good schools, and facilitate power. Most of us will never know what it is to run a government, be in charge of a major company, or command large groups of people. I was born with many privileges, and so I see things through the eyes of someone who has a good education, enough life knowledge, and I use these to assert my opinions. I choose to do so, because being complacent and denying my right and what I see as my sense of entitlement means that I remain silent on political views, perspectives regarding sex, online sex, and censorship, and that I back away from affecting real change. I have the ability to alter people’s views who have the power to do a better job of treating social issues with enlightened approaches. I feel obligated, because of the leverage I have, and so I write these pleas. Because of my formal and informal education and the aforementioned prerogatives I possess, it would be irresponsible of me not to use them. Even those of us who have the ability to affect change, though, have had internal and external moral arguments with ourselves and others, due to our awareness of the inequities in society. Even that is a healthy response to whether or not you use your perquisites. If you have to save your life, then you should always use them. I digress.

We are at a time in our nation’s history when the protest is salient. Most of us have access to the Internet, and so we avail ourselves of its ability to educate and inform. I do this on a daily basis, as everyone should, but as I feel I ought. So, I implore politicians and clergy to listen up. The people need us to improve our responses to their genuine concerns regarding freedom of expression and its connection to political diversity and our future. Our democracy will not survive on reactionary and elitist corruption. We must modernize our approaches to drugs and sex. We need to continue to understand that rational responses based upon teachings that tell us that sex is healthy and fun and that drugs or drug addiction should be treated without locking people away are the ethical treatments we need. I worry that we will, instead respond with a Conservative backlash, and implore those of you who read this blog to keep the conversation going. We must not let excessive morals dictate public policy and enable politicians, judges, and the justice system to punish people for making money off of things that are, in themselves harmless. Sex Work can be a money making enterprise when made legitimate. Marijuana is no gateway drug, and those clinics that sell it should be made legitimate, as well.

As I said, previously, I hold prerogatives that I must use. I will not stand idly by while innocent people are locked away and tortured for years simply because they are more rational than those in power. It would be remiss of anyone with a good education to capitulate, so I refuse. From a fiscal or economic standpoint, it is also good business. People who sell Marijuana and Sex contribute to the economy, already, and I feel confident that others would join in. I, myself would make much more money, if I could provide my sexual services to men or women for money when I chose. I have lived on disability income for many years, and I am eager to work as a prostitute. I pay my bills on time, am a voracious consumer of American goods and services, and why would you not want me to purchase your soap, food, or clothes? I have excellent taste, too, and with more money, I could shop for high quality items that I desire, just like you. As an adult, I only offer sex to other adults, and I respect all my clients’ rights to remain discreet.

Our country could embolden more people with power, financial independence, and freedom by expediting their legitimacy, and we could have a happier, healthier populace. I am not the only one who believes these things. I speak not only for myself but for many who feel the way I do that now is the time to modernize our justice system, economy, and our treatment of social issues. Legalize Sex Work and Marijuana, and make this country a thriving, contemporary bastion of Human Rights and Democracy.