The Jews Believe We Must Never Allow This To Happen

Greece Internment camps


These are images of Sex Workers, Trans People, and Others who are being interned in camps in Greece. If you think you can stop working to end hatred, think again. Preventing holocausts from happening is a lifelong pursuit. As a Jew, slut, and someone with Schizophrenia, I am outraged that any country would allow the oppression and imprisonment of people whose only crimes are that they participate in sex work and are born Trans. Others have been sent to these camps, and there is no excuse for any country (1st world or otherwise) to allow this tragedy. I am shamed every single day for who I am, and I detest it, because this is what that turns into. For those of you who rest on your laurels or stop fighting to end all hatred, take up protests against hate, instead. This is totally unacceptable behavior.