The Naked Truth About Cam

A year and a half in, I have more experience camming than I used to. I was asked the other night by a woman interested in doing cam what it was really like and whether she could make a decent amount of money doing it. So, here goes. It is work. It involves (in my case) being exposed in front of friends, strangers, and anyone and everyone. It is not easy, because I risk my reputation, my life, and my naked body in order to make myself cum and make men and some women cum, too. I, “came out” to former high school buddies, and I decided to, because I have never found lying easy. I chose to become a sex worker, despite warnings of being called a slut, whore, and cunt. I have been called all these things, often by the men who see me every night. What motivates me to do it, then? Why would I do this work, if it means being called names? Because I strongly believe in what I do and that it is not harmful to anyone. I masturbate in front of strangers, because I love nudity, am not ashamed of it, and feel strongly that censorship is wrong. I enjoy supporting Queer Rights by having anal sex with my toys. I like talking to people about lubrication and how to have great orgasms while getting your ass fucked. I know that talking about sex is healthy, that sex is fun and exciting, and as an adult, I like taking advantage of my right to do so. Everyone’s job is tough, too, by the way. While porn actors have taken an enormous amount of heat from religious organizations and others who constantly scapegoat them for merely fucking other adults, they keep showing up in the name of fucking. It is not that fucking people for money is something that does not get you a lot of attention. The latest jab at me is that I am somehow narcissistic for doing it. Ok. So, the president is a narcissist, too then? How about any political figure? How about anyone in the public eye? Sex usually gets people talking, and that is a good thing. If I want attention instead of hiding away in an office doing something that does not get me noticed, is there anything wrong with either of those things? In my years of experience, no one gets anything done, unless they put their opinions, body, or reputation out there. You can indulge yourself in moralizing about what one, SHOULD do, but as an adult, I get to choose for myself what that is. I am independent politically and feel comfortable talking to lots of people about what I think. It is not healthy to imagine that your opinion does not matter. Your opinion does, and when or if you decide to share it with others, you will understand why I do it.

So, all this aside. Men and a few women come on and stay anywhere from 2 minutes to one hour. I, either ask them what they want or they tell me outright. I decide whether I want to do what they want or not. I am asked to do lots of things. I am a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) so once in a while, someone will come on and ask me to grunt and oink like a pig. I am asked to get on my haunches and stick my ass in their face. I have been asked to slap myself in the face, with a dildo, and on my butt. They ask me to call myself a dirty whore and get on my knees and beg for their dicks. I was once asked to punch myself in the face and make myself bleed. Lol. I said no to that one, but over time, I have realized that the greatest thing doing cam has taught me is to take nastiness. You could work as a telemarketer, and face the same thing. So, why do cam girls have to take it? We do not, as I stated before, but they encourage us to learn how to handle any kind of request with as much dignity and composure as possible. Why? Well, that is life. Life is tough. People get nasty, mean, and downright disgusting. No one in this life is promised anything. Maybe that sounds cruel, but it is not. Humanity is fucked up, flawed, awkward, and sometimes, even criminal, but we have to show up and do it, anyway. What cam is teaching me is how to learn to take criticism, adversity, and unpleasantness. Welcome to the human race, folks. If you love what you do though, you stick around for the good stuff, too.

Camming also involves lots of really hot sex. So, if I can tolerate some of the weirdness and harassment, I get to do something I genuinely find fun. I talk to men who want to know what I think about the world, the news, and politics. I see men’s cocks, I watch them stroke their dicks, and they cum for me. I, often get asked if I will cum for them, too. They call my pussy beautiful and want to learn from me how to have awesome sex. I deep throat an eight inch cock, and they reward me by tipping me. I thank them all the time and try to be kind to them. But wait. There’s more. They tell me when they have lost a job. They talk to me about how hard their lives are. They talk to me about problems they are having with their relationships, dating, and anything and everything. Some people come on and tell me how depressed they are, and I tell them that I have been there, too. I have been asked to be married around 20 times. Some men come on and want to save me, but I love what I do, so I try to be polite and tell them no. Most of the guys who come on want to meet me in public, but I have to say no to that, as well. If I did not love this job, I would not do it. There are men whose relationships are older, and they miss the intimacy they had with their wives that no longer exists. We share each others’ good and bad times. I have even told strangers that I love them. Fantasy allows us all to let our hair down and just chat or enjoy each others’ bodies.

The interactions I have with people help me socialize. I love the company, and since we do this online, I am also practicing the safest kind of sex there is. Life is also short, so I want to live it as fully as possible. We really are not here for long. Again, though, the risk I take doing this work is worth it, because I really want to do it. If you are not wired for it, then it would not be something you would enjoy, and that is something you have to figure out for yourself. It is up to each individual, but understand that no one is forcing me to do it. I want you to listen, though to how what I do compares to what anyone else does. Any job you take is going to be tough. You will face workplace bullying no matter what you do. I realized this many years ago, and so I know this better than I ever have. What you have to do, though, is do what you are going to, and do not look back or apologize for it. Be who you want to be, not what someone else expects you to be. It is your life.