Survivor Skills For New Cammers


The tough thing about camming is that they often do not train you. It is on you to read all the rules set forth in the company’s guide. I thought I would give people who read this blog a cheat sheet, though.

1. Choose a site to work for, and read their rules. On the site I work for we have to be at least 18 years of age. We are not allowed to show nudity in free chat areas, but we can expose our breasts, can show sex toys, and deep throat a cock. You can show off toys, too, but you may not show yourself fucking them in free chat. I lick my tits, too.

2. On the site I work for, we are not allowed to do these fantasies:

a. Beastiality
b. Fisting
c. Age Play
d. Incest
e. Rape
f. Urination
g. Feces

3. We are not allowed to say the names of any social networking sites. That means, you may not mention Facebook or Twitter or any of the others.

4. We are not allowed to plug our own blog or website.

5. We are not allowed to plug other people’s sites.

6. We are not allowed to harass customers.

7. Customers are not allowed to harass us.

8. We are not allowed to solicit for Prostitution

9. We are not allowed to exchange personal emails or other contact information with customers.

10. We are not allowed to sell panties or other items to customers.

11. If doing a TV broadcast, we are not allowed to mention product names or names or studio heads.

This is a friendly cheat sheet for anyone who is considering or serious about camming. You can choose to wear a mask or reveal your identity. So, when you are ready, remember to be pleasant, wear cool fun outfits, (bright colors are best) get your room in good shape by putting pretty prints on the wall, decorate with bright, fun colors, and be creative. Try to offer as many fantasies as you can think of. I offer anal sex with toys and a vibe, joi (jerk off instructions), dp (dual penetration), verbal humiliation, bdsm, smoke fantasy, strap on fun, booty shake, and deep throat. I try to do as much stuff as possible. I, recently decided to offer sleep fantasy. You can also do shower shows. Read up on all these things, and try to do your best, but be yourself. I am as natural as possible. I am honest, but you can be who you want. Some people offer cuckolding, pregnant fantasy, and there is even a giantess fantasy. There is face sitting, balloon fantasy, and even hypnosis. Sex Therapists use Cam as their medium, too.