Carlos Batts Is A Genius

Carlos Batts and Porn Stars

Carlos Batts’s photography and his films are made with a rare genius that captures the essence of his salacious subjects by employing creative, steamy, and sexy angles, seedy lighting, and an authentic old school porn look and feel that tempts. His work has a quality that is both modern and vintage at the same time. He uses new technologies but stays far enough away from artifice by relying on his subjects’ natural ability to seduce you. In this way, you feel as if you are right there with them about to receive a lap dance. I, recently found out about his work by visiting another Sex Positive Feminist’s site, and I was amazed. Carlos is a true artist and not just a pornographer. He is yet another example of the people who are taking pornography to the next level. The new porn is vibrant, brave, and ground breaking, and Carlos is at the forefront of this bold art form.

Carlos Batts