I See Decriminalizing Prostitution In The Same Way I See Gay Rights

Decriminalize Prostitution

The choice we have to watch pornography or watch a Cam girl or even solicit a sex worker is no different than when a gay person connects with another gay person. The fact is that sex work is a common way for people to take the relationship rubric and make it functional. We do not have much time in our daily lives to work and play and on top of that seek out a relationship that may end in marriage or even disaster. There is no guarantee that you will find permanent bliss with one person forever and ever. We, often become disillusioned by the mating game, because it involves money, time, and often disappointment. Most marriages end in divorce, as well. Add to that the burden of having children, and you have piled on an inordinate amount of stress for someone who is just another guy.

Sex workers provide people of all walks of life an alternative to these rituals of modern life. We have been offering a perfectly healthy way to satisfy your needs for eons, and it is high time we acknowledged that we, too, just like Gay people should come out of the closet and show our faces in the name of legitimizing the profession. Time and again, we have shown that nudity, pornography, and all kinds of sex work are not shameful, can enhance your sex life, and can help people who, otherwise might never meet anyone. We assist people who use wheelchairs, who benefit from touch, and people who may not be able to do well in social situations. We are here for anyone who simply needs something to get them through.

By clicking the link at the top of the page, you can add your name to a petition that favors decriminalization of prostitution. Help me stand up for what is right. Stop allowing States to spend untold amounts on arresting prostitutes. Stop giving abusive men an excuse to get away with hurting human beings. Give prostitutes a way to report bad people, and allow this profession to see its day in the sun by agreeing with me, that sex workers are people, too, and like Gay people should be respected. Let the States make money off prostitution. Sex between consenting adults is no crime. Sex between consenting adults is healthy. Sex between consenting adults for pay will end States’ deficits and provide us with a way to pay our bills.