“Black Butterflies” Set In The 1960’s Tells The Tale Of Ingrid Jonker, A South African Female Poet Who Was A Victim Of Slut Shaming Even At The Hands Of Her Own Father

Poet, Ingrid Jonker was caught between the privileged world of the Afrikaners and the harsh underworld Apartheid facilitated in South Africa circa 1960. She battled her politically correct father by writing frankly not only about her hatred of racism but bravely and with the help of her male conquests, about the sexually promiscuous behaviors she indulged in during a time when women had no right to be as outspoken with respect to politics or sexuality. She was institutionalized more than once, had at least two illegal abortions, and was administered shock treatments until tragic fate found her. Nelson Mandela read one of her poems at a ceremony and acknowledged the outstanding contributions she made in the name of ending racism and in living as a feminist in a very dangerous time.