The Case People Try To Make In Favor Of Censorship Always Falls Flat

If we did not have the freedom to speak our minds and produce the images we want, we would be living in a world that is almost impossible to imagine. I am trying to picture what it would be like, and I am having a difficult time doing so. The easiest reference we usually use, though is Nazi Germany. During Nazi Germany, they favored the promotion of images and speeches that amounted to propaganda, mostly. The Nazi’s made claims about people (The Jews) that no one could verify. They claimed that there was one type of person who should exist, and this type of person only looked one way and sounded one way. So, the next time you think I offend you and cannot prove to me why you are justified in finding nudity and filmed sex shameful, which you have not been able to do, imagine what it would be like, if no one told you the truth. During Nazi Germany, no one could speak about things they wanted to, if they conflicted with what Hitler thought. Take our government, for example. Do you believe that they are doing a good job? No. Certainly not always, right? They make mistakes all the time, and it is why we criticize the government, when we feel they are making mistakes, which happens on a regular basis. Think about what it was like when you were in school. Would you have preferred your teacher communicate to you that everything you did was correct? What if you are bad at spelling? What if you did not get every math equation correct? Do you think you would be able to successfully cross that bridge, if the engineers got it wrong? You might die. Why, then do you want me to only do it your way? Can you tell me that I am finding nudity not to be shameful, and that is wrong? That is only your opinion, and it still does not make any sense to me. If I disagree with you, can you justify violence against me if I simply think differently than you? Would you throw me in a camp and burn me alive? Why would you do that? Why do you bully me, because I allow you your rant, but for some reason, you think I have no right to rant, myself? Is that not hypocritical? I think so. The larger issue, though, is not one to simply dismiss. If we lived in a world where no one could be human, would we not be embracing mass suicide? I, actually feel that people should have the right to kill themselves, but I did not say that everyone should kill themselves. The point is not that you have no right to complain, but in a tolerant world, we all have choices. In a world with censorship, you force others to believe what you do and behave like you, and why am I to trust that a fellow human being is perfect, when I know I am not? Why do you insist on a perfect world? How dare you suggest, too that a perfect world includes no sex or nudity. How dare you tell me where and when I can be naked. How dare you suggest that I join your political party, when I disagree with so many things you do. In a free world, people are allowed to think what they want, join the political party they choose to join, and associate themselves with people they want. In addition, if you find adults getting naked on film offensive, what do you not find offensive, therefore? Do you think violence is offensive? Bullying is offensive to me. It is also more violent than sex, in itself. I am trying to relate to your fundamentals by reducing what I do to its most basic elements. Taken from a purely elemental stance, your bullying, privacy violations, and harassment are more closely allied with rape than nudity or sex. If you mistakenly believe that sex, in itself is wrong, well, I think that is insane. If you think that watching images of war is less offensive, then you have not truly understood what I am saying. That is not to say, I have never been angry or violent, myself, but what I do has no direct connection to such. I have dealt with my anger the best way I can but cannot claim that I am never angry or violent, but what I do has never made me violent. If I said, you make me mad, because you constantly bully me over taking my clothes off, then yes. I, admit, it does hurt and make me angry that you are treating me so badly because of the job I do. Should my response be to cave into your demands? Should I violate your privacy? Do I have the right to be angry, because you are hurtful? Yes. I do not have the right, though, to stalk you, harass you, put you away, bait you, provoke you, or gang up on you. Your way of living seems disgusting to me. It is why I have chosen, consistently not to own a gun. When I hear people suggest I buy one, I know very well I will never indulge them. I still believe that murder is wrong, but not sex or nudity. If you want to do the right thing, then you will realize that looking at your own violent tendencies is the first step in dealing with abuse.