Instead Of Spending Your Taxpayer Dollars, Allow States To Make Money


Would you believe that over $100 Million Dollars are spent annually on arresting Prostitutes? It is true. It costs tax payers $2,000 for every prostitute arrested. In 2010, 11,300 prostitutes were arrested in California. That came to $22,600,000. 62,668 prostitution/commercialized vice arrests were made nationally in 2010. That comes to a grand total per year of $125,336,000. That is over 100 million dollars in arrests per year. Stop supporting the bloated Prison Industrial Complex, and end oppression of women at the same time. If prostitution were either decriminalized or legalized, we could save the U.S. a lot of money. We do not need to waste untold amounts of money on arresting people for making money off consensual adult sex. It would also protect women who work in this field, because they would be able to report assaults, legally. This would send the message to abusive men that they cannot hurt women, no matter who they are or what they do.