What Is The Difference Between Cam And Pornography?

While they are both legal in California, Cam Modeling takes place online, so some other States allow Cam, too. Pornography employs the use of camera equipment and requires a crew and several actors.  You can use a fancy camera with Cam Modeling, but you can also use a basic webcam that is inexpensive.  The pay is often higher for Porn actors, and with Cam Modeling, you get paid about half of whatever per minute fees you choose to charge.  You can also, often receive tips, too.  The nice thing about Cam Modeling, though, is if you perform on a regular basis and work hard enough, you can have the option (with your boss’s approval) to perform on television for pay.  This is considered PPV, or Pay Per View.  You make more money by doing this, but the rules that apply to adult television also apply to you.  That means, you cannot endorse products or people or play music in the background.  You are allowed to do anything the producer allows, but you have to follow PPV rules. I was recently offered the option to do PPV, and I am very excited about it.  What is great about doing PPV is that you can make more money at it, which means, you do not have to be a well established or famous porn star to perform in this arena, and it allows you to do work that is closer to the definition of Pornography, which gives you experience if you want to make the switch.  What does all this mean? What all of this means is that if you live in California and you are 18 or over, you can perform on Cam.  If you live elsewhere, just be careful and know your State’s laws. For example, I have heard that performing alone on Cam is safer than performing with other people, because some States take issue with that.  What is great about Cam Modeling, though, is that anyone can do it.  You can work from home and make a good amount of money.  What I appreciate about this is that you do not have to be famous or well connected to do this work. In addition, I perform alone, so I am actually practicing the safest kind of sex there is in front of people.  While I do not bill myself as a Sex Educator, I have degrees in the Social Work and Counseling fields, so I take pride in that I am doing something I consider healthy and responsible.  The benefits often do not seem to outweigh the risks, though for some people.  A lot of women and men would never choose to risk so much, because this kind of work does attract a lot of people who take issue with nudity and sex, and they see things from a more conservative perspective.  During a typical night, I am confronted by cops who try to entrap me, for instance.  A primary rule of Cam is that we are not allowed to do Escort.  Escort is another name for Prostitution, and it is forbidden.  That does not stop overzealous cops from exercising their legal right to try to, “get me” to get paid for having sex either with them or someone else. The way I see it, though is entrapment is the equivalent of a person who goes up to someone in a retail establishment and acts nasty to the staff.  As long as I keep saying no to them, I am all right.  So far, I have kept myself safe, but they know that it gets stressful. They place their interests above mine, so I try to stay as calm and be as polite as possible while saying no.  The reality is, any job you have is tough, and I just happen to like what I do, so it is worth the stress to me.


I hope I have articulated well enough what doing online sex work is like.  I told you what it is like to perform, but I have not told you what other ramifications it has.  As for the other perks of my job, I actively stand against censorship, support all films that employ nudity and sex in them, and I get to meet a lot of cool guys.  We have fun every night, so I am glad I have a job that makes me happy.  That is the main point.  I am not going to be here for long, but as long as I am here, I want to make sure I enjoy my life to the fullest.  So, if you think that this work is scary or weird or gross, try to realize that it is also enjoyable. Try not to fear nudity and sex so much, because you would not be here without them.