Why Won’t All Women Stand Up For The Rights Of Prostitutes?

Steph Tongue

Accepting the dyad and encouraging the promulgation of traditional, Judeo-Christian values that insist on oppressing women by confining them to this model and turning them into breeders to qualify for insufficient medical insurance that barely covers any real conditions, disabilities, and even simple primary care forces couples and their children to tow an imaginary line. In an effort to ostensibly protect them from abuse, they coerce Americans into believing that a healthy relationship consists only of these things. Swinging, dating, polyamory, and Prostitution present a made up threat to the very fabric of American life?!? Nonsense. You drank that koolaid, didn’t you? Well, you have been lied to. The rules are not written, are manipulative, and cause jealousy, hate, and discourage independent thought. Get out of your comfort zone? Why? Could you not just as well go shopping at Target, buy your food at giant corporations, and satisfy your immediate desires for these things, by caving into the politically correct, slave wage, house with a picket fence, if I cannot see the sweat shops, they may not exist in my moment of I need my fix to appease my hunger for bling and eats?

This is what we have done for ages in this country. We justify bullying, harassing, and oppressing poor people and people who are considered to be, “the other” when we rationalize our indulgences. How do I know? I did it for a long time. I begged my mother for all things Capitalist in an effort to make myself feel better, because I did not have the courage to educate myself about what is really going on in this country and around the world. I got the education, though, and I learned of our shameful practices. I noticed how I looked the other way all while feeling uncomfortable. I started reading more, listening to NPR, and watching PBS to try to enlighten myself about unfair labor practices, corporate greed, and the tragic proliferation of the Prison Industrial Complex. I got angry. I got furious. I became disillusioned, and then decided that I needed to do something about all these things. I, now buy more responsibly, try to avoid shopping at places that exploit people’s human rights, and also choose to stand up for what I believe in from a grass roots Social Work perspective.

Through all of this experience, I have learned that in regard to women’s issues, we do not ally ourselves with one another enough. We, too often do not understand that hating men or targeting them alienates all of us from a human standpoint. We do not seem to come together on this very thing as much as we should. We continue to see ourselves as women versus men and Prostitute versus married woman. If we want to preserve our freedoms, women need to acknowledge our common humanity as people and Americans. Women who are married need to understand that when Prostitutes get arrested for an act that takes two people, we are still blaming women for the entire sex act. What if married women got out of their comfort zones and acknowledged that even if they might not want to prostitute themselves, should they not try to admit that when women bear the entire burden of it, it is hateful to all women? I do not think targeting men for Prostitution is right, either. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, and it is high time, we approached this made up problem as they did in England, by decriminalizing it. England, actually made it legal. We need to be progressive about social issues, and I know I have said these things before, but I am frustrated by how much time it takes for change to happen.

The reality is that Prostitution is a victimless crime. If two adults consent to having sex with one another for money, who is getting hurt? I am not talking about emotions. Maybe you feel bad that your relationship is being threatened, but I am trying to compare your hurt to the reality that women get assaulted, charged with misdemeanors, and subsequently ostracized by society in the name of maintaining the status quo, when a lot of us have already chosen not to be religious, and we know that this is our right and that in our democracy, we have the ability to decide whether we want to be Conservative or Liberal, Christian or Atheist, or married or single.

This fight is not just about sex or human rights. This is about preserving freedoms, supporting a healthy democracy, and supporting choice. The more rights we have, the better. As women, we should stand together by decriminalizing Prostitution, because it is not fundamentally wrong to love more than one person, and it is time that women came together by embracing a more tolerant society. I have already said, too that when both men and women have choice, it stimulates the intellect, debate, and open-mindedness. If women were not criminalized for sex acts, they would be able to make money by doing something that most of us feel is very natural. It would also allow women to report assaults, if they needed to. It is the right thing to do and would liberate all of us. Let me also remind everyone that we could be collecting tax dollars, instead of making money off of crime, which is unethical. Stop bolstering the Prison Industrial Complex, support human rights, and allow us to make money by having sex.