Hollywood’s Priggish Attitude Toward Porn Is Outdated

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Hollywood’s priggish attitude toward the Porn Industry has alienated us when we should be finding common ground. Their politically correct pandering to a small minority of middle American Christians and so called, “God fearing” people encourages American ignorance. If I could have a direct conversation with Hollywood’s major players, I would suggest to them that they begin a healthy dialogue about the importance of Freedom of Expression and Speech and that producing films that deal directly with the issue is a better response. The reason I find their silence to be irresponsible is because they have enough money and power to create more than one film whether Fiction or Documentary that deals with the larger issue of censorship and not just that paints all porn actors and producers as brainless, depraved, drug-addled losers. They could also use their influence to end the persecution of porn actors and producers, in an effort to do away with the bullying that we experience as a result of Hollywood’s capitulation that enables this hate. I appreciate the few films that have, even recently been created that are trying to debunk long held myths about pornography, but we need more of these films and more dialogue about not only traditional porn but Queer porn and the type of porn that is used by doctors, therapists, and others to not only help enhance people’s sex lives but that is used to educate. Modern pornography, such as Queer porn and Feminist Porn not only empowers the LGBT community but teaches BBW’s that they are sexy, beautiful, and worthy of love. Hollywood still encourages the unreasonable notion that women and men, in order to be considered sexy, must look like barbie dolls. Come on, guys. You can do better than that.

I am also frustrated by the hackneyed responses of tabloids to Hollywood affairs and affairs involving other public figures. It is high time that Americans started talking frankly about the reality that polyamory is a viable option for people who know that loving more than one person at a time is not a sin, has nothing to do with being evil, duplicitous, or means you are an unprincipled adult. How about producing films that expose the nature of the Paparazzi? They stalk, harass, and violate the privacy of people in Hollywood in order to dig up, often false stories about American citizens who have the same rights as you and me.

I am looking forward to the new year and hope that we continue this dialogue about censorship, pornography, Hollywood, and the media. I believe that continuing the conversation is the most important part of what I have said. Even if you do not agree with me, I want you to think about what I have said and try to open your mind to it.