Half The Sky Movement

This video is about an organization that helps females (some of whom are as young as three) in 3rd world countries who have been raped by soldiers and other men. It is important to support them in the name of ending the oppression of all women. If you are questioning why I decided to put this video up on a site that is sex positive and mostly about adults, you should understand that I differ from these women, because I choose to do what I do. In our society, women are more fortunate in that we can choose to be sex workers. These women and girls had no choice in the matter. Although, even in our own country there are women sold into Prostitution and of course raped and incested. Please understand, I feel comfortable being who I am and distinguish myself from helpless victims. Being a Sex Positive cam model, practicing safe sex, and promoting greater awareness of Queer Rights is for me not in conflict with my support of women’s rights and victims’ rights.