Using A Sex Worker Is A Less Stressful And Less Expensive Alternative To Dating And Marriage

I have been posting a lot of serious things about human rights issues related to sex work, prostitution, and the pitfalls of doing sex work, in general. This post, though is devoted to why sex work, in particular Cam is a great solution to our modern dilemma of getting laid without losing our minds and wallets. The troubles with dating, co-habitation, and marriage involve not only the chore of getting to know someone or more than one person first but involve spending an outrageous amount of money on requisite rituals that go hand in hand with aforementioned traditions. First, you date someone for several months or weeks depending on your pace, then you maybe settle down with them, get married, have kids, and if it does not work, get a divorce. This mating/dating game costs money, time, and sometimes, heartache. For those of us who are either not so lucky in love or who just choose to prioritize our lives differently, this approach is not right for us. On the surface, though, it still seems as if paying for sex doesn’t make any sense, because aren’t you still shelling out money? Well, yes, but you can always decide to take a break, you don’t go through expensive weddings, divorces, and kid rearing, and you still do not end up spending as much money as you would on the trappings and expenditures that go along with this historical way of mating. You often do not have to pay a thing with Cam, because we offer free chat as well as paid. You decide when you are ready to go, “private” with a Cam model.

It is not for everyone. If you have a group of people you have hung out with all your life or if you are so close to your family and they connect you with their religious group or network, then you may not need Cam. Sex work for a lot of other people, though, is far more practical and costs less financially and emotionally. Good for you, though, if you are set with your group. Count yourself among the lucky. Things may change, though, even for you, and if your situation does change that drastically, then consider this alternative. You might be pleasantly surprised.

I love being able to offer this practical approach to modern dating life, because I think it is fun, exciting, and enlightening. I love what I do and am proud of myself for practicing safe sex, entertaining men and women, and chatting people up. I do not socialize much, so for me it is also a nice way to connect with people. It feels good to sit and talk. It is a great alternative for people like me who are a bit shy, and when I go out in public, it feels easier to communicate with people, because Cam is actually helping me feel more comfortable talking to strangers. So, it is helping me in this way, as well.

Stephanie J. Golden, B.S.W., M.S.R.C.