Legalizing/Decriminalizing Prostitution Would End Economic Problems

I have said before that I would like Prostitution to be legalized or decriminalized, because it is safer for the girls/guys, because sex between consenting adults is not sinful or wrong, and because it makes practical sense, but it also would be a good way to solve our economic problems. By allowing women and men to accept money for sex, people of all educational backgrounds, criminal backgrounds, and socio-economic backgrounds could have stable incomes that would allow them to pay taxes, like any other, “legitimate” professional. It makes sense, because right now, we need to find solutions to the very serious economic problems we are having now and will probably experience in the future. I posted a video months ago on this same blog with a caption stating that a young woman working at the Las Vegas Bunny Ranch made $30,000 in one night. She had to pay Federal Income Taxes on that amount, which is why I say Prostitution should be legal in every U.S. State. Women often make a considerable amount of money by being Prostitutes, and they could contribute significantly to solving our national debt problem.

Prostitution is one if not the oldest professions in the world, and it is time we started treating it as legitimate by taking it out of the shadows and bringing it into the light. Old beliefs about sex keep it illegal in every other State besides Nevada, and those beliefs are based in biblical teachings that are now, often challenged, disputed, and considered outmoded. Those old beliefs do not serve any practical purpose now, except to feed water cooler gossip sessions, tabloid headlines, and the occasional Fundamentalist Religious sermon. In the 21st Century, we should be thinking outside the box to solve our very real social and economic problems, instead of relying on antiquated philosophies that do not serve us, anymore. The boundaries of what should be considered, “morally upright” include educating people about healthy sex and sex practices and should also include providing for the welfare of a country’s people. If we want each American to be able to provide not only for his or her family but to pay taxes, should we not allow them to make money in a way that is simple and profitable?

Thank you,

Stephanie J. Golden, B.S.W., M.S.R.C.

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