The Power Exchange San Francisco

I have been to this wonderful club, and I had so much fun getting fucked, watching people getting fucked, and enjoying the general atmosphere of the club that I will go back many times. If you follow some basic rules in the club, you are sure to have a very nasty, sexy, delicious experience. The voyeuristic nature of this place makes sex an even more exciting experience than it can be. It helps stimulate you, because it is spontaneous in that you can be having sex with one person and then another in the next minute. I also found the staff to be quite polite and easy to talk to. The price is reasonable, as well. We paid $20 for the two of us, and even if you want to go it alone, you only have to pay $40. If you have never been a swinger, I encourage novices to join in the fun and try something new. If you are worried about STD’s or HIV, they offer free condoms and lube at the door. They appreciate tips, though.