Best Practices In Sex Work

I have attached the link below, because the site not only is an American one but discusses issues relevant to sex workers, here. It is a valuable link and will help you find interesting information about sex work, sex workers, and news pertaining to the industry. It approaches the subject from a human rights perspective, and I find this the best way to deal with this social issue, because it is the most responsible way to deal with it. I, myself find that there is not only pride in performing sex work but that there is a large community in which to feel a camaraderie with, and the Internet with all of its resources makes coming together easier. Often, we feel isolated from one another, because we are busy, do our work independently, and tend to connect only on a limited basis. Sex workers also come in many shapes, sizes, sexes, and have various specialties, but thanks to this and other great sites, we can connect. Take a look at this link, and always feel free not only to ask me questions but to ask questions of the other site’s administrators, as well. An open and honest conversation between and among sex workers and clients and other people who are curious is something I encourage. As they say, there are no stupid questions. It is the question you were too afraid to ask that never goes answered, and that is something to regret. Regrets only prevent us from truly getting to know one another and our respective humanities.

Thank you as always,

Stephanie J. Golden, B.S.W., M.S.R.C.

     Best Sex Work
Practices Policy Project