Update From The Sexy Coal Mines

Cam nights are very hot and spicy. I have over 300 fans, and I keep getting better at what I do. I enjoy taking my clothes off for men, and they love cumming, often more than once a night. I like the interactions I have with all of them, and they appreciate it, too. I get lots of compliments on how I look, which makes me very happy. I am also learning that approaching my shows with an attitude that being tolerant gets you further than being nasty. If you do Cam work, you need to remember that you are who you are, so be yourself, and don’t try to be someone you’re not. What my fans love the most about me is that I am kind. That is because I love sex and masturbation, and I love spreading the sex positive message.

I do want to talk about the whole role play thing. The great thing about being able to offer free chat sessions in addition to private ones is that you can schedule a time with me to do Domme stuff. I am good at becoming dominant, submissive, or fitting into whatever fantasy you have in mind. The key in this business is to be as flexible as possible – literally and figuratively. I can transform into whatever fantasy you want. The only thing I request is that we schedule a time to do Domme/Submissive stuff, because I feel that S&M is better in private sessions, only, and not in free chat. So, if you feel like stopping by, please do. You won’t be disappointed.