I Love Men

Their skin, their arms, their tattoos, their attitudes, their kindness, their tears, their laughter, their eyes, their voices, their vulnerability when you least expect it, their anger, their fear, their love, their patience, their respect, their uniforms that don’t always resemble instantly recalled ones, their cocks, their smiles, their addictions, their muscles, their nakedness, their desire, their craziness, their coolness, their warmth, their fear of emotion, their inner battles, their mistakes, their apologies, their awkwardness, their hate, their beauty, their friendships with other men, their pain, their glory, their shame, their meaning, their power, their strength, their transcendence, their hearts, their souls, their humor, their faults, their failings, their successes, their lust, their confusion, their trust, their fidelity, their flattery, their perfection.

I have written poems about men that have expressed my undying devotion to them, but in this post, I wanted to express how my mind remembers them when I can’t think of why I do or how to say it, but I know inside how sexy I feel when I look at them, think of them, and fantasize about them.  I have embarked on a new life that is taking me to unique sexual places with some of these men, and I am enjoying it so far.  When I get right down to it, fucking men is what I want, most of all.  They are my indulgence.  I feel lucky to be alive, because of them.

Thank you to all of the great guys out there.

I love all of you.