Cam Girl

I have been doing cam work for a little while, and I feel very good about it, because I enjoy turning myself on for men. I can’t see them at all, and sometimes, they ask me to do things that seem distasteful, but I love the idea of taking my clothes off for strangers. There is a thrill to it in that I am baring all of me and simply indulging my slutty side. I love sex. I love the idea of it and the taste of it and the sheer thrill of it. I know it’s a bit dangerous, too, but what the hell? You only live once. I love the guys, as well. I have one admirer who treats me like a queen. He cares about me in a general way, but I know it is exciting for him to know that he is my favorite, and that the other men online are simply dicks. His dick is the best. It is beautiful and delicious and mine – well, his, but I know he reserves it for me. He buys me presents and feels bad about, “the life.” He knows, though, that as human beings, we need it. We need the orgasms, fucking, and turning others on.

It is unlike other jobs in that it is taboo, which makes it even more titillating and juicy. When I show off my pussy to them, I feel a rush of blood to my face and body. I was particularly happy when one man said, “you’re making me hard.” Well, that’s the idea. I make men hard. I make men I can’t even see come. I can’t lick it up when they’re done stroking themselves, but I want to. Alas, that is the rub. I don’t get to see them. Or do I? I have the option of doing Cam 2 Cam, but I’ll do that later. Right now, it makes me fucking hot to hear them moan and to feel their presence, even if it’s only through cyberspace.

I have become more liberated through sex work. I have gained independence in a way that I never thought I would. I was skeptical at first, and I thought it would embarrass me too much to do it, but I decided to indulge myself. Ultimately, I see sex as a positive, enlightening, and beautiful thing. I want to share my sex life with others, and I want to experience things with people I’ve never met. I want to embrace sex work as if I were born to do it, because it is me who wants this, and I feel daring, assertive, and wild when I do it. I hope we all enjoy sex this much in our everyday lives, even if we aren’t all cam girls.

Happy Valentine’s Day