Discrimination, Hate, and the Sex Positive Movement

After hearing that one of my favorite people in the Sex Positive Movement had her site compromised, I started to think about what I wanted to say about how we have traditionally treated sex in Western society and how we can advance socially by becoming more tolerant toward diverse sexual perspectives. The conclusion I have drawn is that fortunately, we are more tolerant of sexual proclivities. Recently, we have seen the military make major changes to its policies by allowing Gays to come out of the closet. We have determined that pornography is better if you keep it legal, and that is because it makes for safer sex, allows freedom of expression, and brings it to the forefront of the American conversation instead of enabling it to remain hidden and subject to corruption. Bringing legitimacy to sex and pornography ensures that women will not be taken advantage of, because business owners are held to standards that all companies are. Record keeping can be checked, which allows law enforcement to verify age requirements, and so forth.

Why do some still find all of this too much to handle? I hold our history responsible. Our country is generally regarded as democratic, but it is also bound by religion in that we include God in our patriotic songs and in our founding documents. The Judeo-Christian doctrine and ethos does not directly proclaim that sex is something shameful, but its various interpretations made by its followers leave the subject of sex and sexual diversity an ambiguous argument or sometimes communicate that by following tradition, it is perfectly clear: a man should marry a woman, and sex should be confined to the missionary position. I do not mean to point fingers at religion, but on the subject of sex, a lot of people do not turn to their Priest or Minister for advice. A lot if not most of us turn to a parent or therapist.

Thanks to the 1960’s, 1970’s, and even the 1980’s, we have had our minds opened to the various permutations of sexual identity. The social and psychological influences of these generations on American Society as a whole via public/private education, Science, and alternative philosophies and Eastern spirituality have encouraged shifts in thinking over time. All of this and advocacy by the Political Left has produced real change and affected legislation and public policy. Modern medicine remains positive about sex, and I have heard many a doctor recommend that a couple struggling to achieve regular orgasms try watching pornography or using other sexual aids such as vibrators and other erotica.

Nonetheless, there are still some who find the promulgation of sex through the Internet so offensive that they try to intervene by violating a legitimate website owner’s rights and sabotaging their site. This happened to one of the most intelligent, well-informed, and articulate Sex Educators I have ever met, recently. I truly hope that the person or people who have done this realize that what they did was wrong. Times have changed, and we all need to embrace change instead of running from it or trying to prevent it. The sex industry may have been illegitimate in the past, but it is no longer. In addition, I feel it is tantamount to censorship to try to prevent sex from being shown online. Nazi’s during the Holocaust tried to censor sex, and most of us know that they were very wrong in their beliefs. Instead of creating more hatred and acting in subversive ways under the delusion that you are somehow helping society, make the decision that if something bothers you, stay away from it. If you don’t like sex, then don’t watch pornography. Set your computer to a setting for kids. Don’t violate other people’s rights to prove a point. Bullying is not only juvenile. It makes everyone miserable. I believe it was Nancy Reagan who said, “Just Say No.” To me, that means that I can choose for myself whether I want to watch pornography or not, and it is that simple.

Thank you,