Vaginal Orgasms and other Milestones

For many years, I had sex with men, mostly, and I was satisfied with having clitoral orgasms and some plain old vanilla missionary sex. I got eaten out once in a while, but I wasn’t sure I was having the best sex I could. I have now, though had much more interesting and adventurous sex, and I am a lot happier with it. I was talking to a friend of mine about it, and I felt very confident in my knowledge of the wide variety of fabulous sex you can have. I was able to explain things to her, and I felt good about myself that I was. I want to talk about how you can try some very hot stuff with yourself, now.

Here goes: I now know how to give myself vaginal orgasms. The trick is to get a great dildo or rabbit style vibrator. If you get a dildo, and you’ve never had one before, try not to get one that looks too complicated for you. Don’t get me wrong. Get the one you like. Don’t let me tell you who you are. I started out with a combination dildo/vibe, and it was pretty big, too, but that’s just me. The key is to do this when you are alone and practice, practice, practice. First, understand what you are trying to do. There are two steps to vaginal orgasms –

1. You want to stimulate the vagina (that is inside you. You will be placing something that resembles a penis inside you. You will not be focusing exclusively on the clitoris.)

2. You want to know where your G-Spot is. This is a spot inside your vagina that, when stimulated will create great pleasure and get you a fabulous orgasm.

A cool kind of dildo is a G-Spot stimulator. Try going to either Good Vibrations or another sex shop. Good Vibrations is best, though, because they are all about educating people in a friendly and kind manner. The idea after you’ve purchased it is to try it out. What you are going for is using the dildo/vibe to stimulate the vaginal walls by fucking yourself. You want to move that dildo/vibe in and out. I do it quickly, but sometimes I slow it down a bit. What feels really good, though is that friction that is created inside my vagina. What else is happening, though is my G-Spot is being sort of bumped up against over and over again. So, I am doing a few things. I am creating friction inside my pussy by moving the dildo/vibe in and out of me, and I am also bumping up against that nice and sensitive G-Spot area inside my vagina just curved up a bit. You can find the G-Spot by looking at a diagram (can be found online.) I will try, now to give you a good idea of where it is without the diagram, first. If you reach your finger inside your vagina, you notice, there is a point at which the vagina curves upward. There is like a shelf. If I were holding my finger in the air right now, I would make a kind of hook with my finger. If you do this with your finger, slide it inside you, and curve your finger up like you are making a hook, and you will feel this shelf-like place. There is soft, spungy tissue right there, and that is where your G-Spot is. When you are lying down, the dildo/vibe accesses this spot more easily.

A really cool thing to get is a Rabbit Vibe or a Dolphin Vibe, because you not only are able to fuck yourself by pumping that long shaft in you in and out over and over again, but you can turn the vibrating shaft on and really stimulate all of these aforementioned parts at the same time. I have come, though from simply stimulating my vaginal walls and my G-Spot without any vibrating at all.

Also, you can pump a dildo in and out of you while stimulating the clitoris. I do this when I am having difficulty relaxing, and that will get you off even more. You should try, though to come vaginally first. The reason I tell you to try this alone, is because you will feel more relaxed about doing it. After you’ve done it a few times, though, you and your partner can try doing it together.

I hope I’ve helped you out. I enjoy a very healthy sex life, and I want to bestow my wisdom on you because of it.