I saw my very first burlesque show the other night.  I very much enjoyed the beautiful women dancing for us.  All of the performers were sexy, and we had a blast cheering them on.

There has been renewed interest in this type of dancing, and the difference between a strip tease and burlesque show is that burlesque includes light comedy and a playfulness that de-emphasizes the primal display of raw sexuality and nudity and focuses more on the whimsy and fun sex conjures.  I was thrilled, too when I caught the garter belt of one of the dancers and will treasure it and keep it in my bedroom.  I would be happy to see another show. I like a good strip tease, too, though and love not only the suggestion of sex with a dose of laughter but also enjoy the wild sexuality of the dancer whose primary interest is in grinding to a nasty song and, of course turning me on. As a woman, I acknowledge my appreciation of a lovely woman (naked or otherwise) whether I am in an art museum, a strip club, or watching porn. I would also recommend that a couple try either going to a burlesque show or going to a strip club. Try a lap dance, too. If you are up to it, try a lap dance for two. I look forward to my next lap dance. I cannot tell you enough that being adventurous when turning each other on will make your sex life more enjoyable.