Sorry I Haven’t Posted in a While

I haven’t posted in a while, because I wanted as many people as possible to read the last post I wrote.  The reason I wanted a lot of people to read it is because it is an extremely important post to read.  There is very good information in it about pornography and the sex industry and how Americans truly feel about our modern world and how we feel about a very basic act.  For those of you who cringe at even the mere thought of people having sex on film or posting naked pictures of themselves online, the fact is it is not illegal.  I wanted people to understand this.  I also wanted people to hear that I like pornography.  It is healthy for you, and any doctor will tell you that if you want to spice up your sex life, you might consider watching it.

Sex feels good.  It is healthy and fun and can be adventurous or even funny.  It is not a shameful thing.  It is the reason we are all here on this planet, and I am proud of my attitude toward sex.  So, enjoy yourselves in bed like I do.