Sex in the 21st Century

Well, we’re off to a pretty good start with the greater tolerance of pornography online, but we have far to go. There are still “crusaders” trying to fight a cause that the Supreme Court has said should be a moot point, but we are headed in the right direction. The truth is that no one can define it, and no one has been able to prove that it causes long lasting or even short term harm to anyone. Most people believe without a doubt that child pornography is wrong, but otherwise, it is impossible to tell consenting adults that they can’t indulge in sex and related expressions thereof.

As we speak, there are many people contributing to the porn industry and its success, and there has also been an effort called, “the sex positive movement” that embraces a feminist approach to pornography. Tristan Taormino is guiding the porn industry in a direction that teaches porn stars to use lubrication when performing anal sex on film and to employ positive images of women having orgasms. She has even participated in these films and has opened our minds to the BBW. She speaks in seminars around the country and encourages people of every type to enjoy sex. She has had an influence on my life, as well.

It is high time we started viewing having sex as what it is – healthy and fun. Sex can be wonderful whether you’re into orgies, one on one, between two women, or between two men. If you like Polyamory or masturbation, sex is great when you do it right. So, get out there, and have fun with it. It feels fantastic. Oh, and go out, buy yourself some porn, and enjoy yourself. Life is short.