Blogging about Sex

Twitter fast, shut up, scandal, requite
Masturbation, fornication, hype, disgust
Fascinate, tempt, laughter, tease
Punish me, I’ll punish you
Dance, death, cleave, mess, drip

Come on me, come on you
Fantasy, sex, phone sex, no pay, low pay
Drive me crazy, obsessions, violations
Kiss me, kiss my voice, pay me
Over it, financial abuse, give me what I want

Motel rooms full up with dirty characters
Salacious, silent, hurt, filth, fetish
Erotic, nudes, black and white
Taunting, treacherous, taste it
Surreptitious, under the table, costs

Scintillating conversations grow boring
Older now, jism schism, panic
Busts, breasts, orgasms, hand jobs
Futility, depraved, dump, dive
Obscene, mean, nasty, tramps

Get up and do it again…..morning oranges